3 for 1 Sale

3 For 1 Sale going on NOW!!! In addition to our great buy 1 get 1 free deals, we also have some awesome 3 for 1 sale items!! There are no substitutions and we have different specials daily. All items are only available while supplies last and are on a first come first serve basis. So hurry in, they won’t last long.

3 for 1 items

My favorite color rocket. 3 for 1 sale!

My Favorite color Rocket


6 pack of rockets in you choice of color. Choose from red, green, purple, orange, silver and blue.

Run Legs Yes & Shotgun. 3 for 1 sale!

Run, legs, yes, & Shotgun


350 Grams of power, 16 Large Shots, and 4 great choices. Pick three of your choice, mix and match!

Blast of Color. 3 for 1 sale!

Blast of color


A 3″ single shot mine shell avaliable in 6 color choices. A 40 foot wall of deafening mine shell burst!

Power Stick. 3 for 1 sale!



100 Extra LOUD firecrackers with a waterproof fuse.

My Favorite Color is... 3 for 1 sale!

My favorite color is…


16 shots of your choice of color. Choose from red, blue, green, and purple.

Smart Bomb. 3 for 1 sale!

Smart bomb


12 mortar shells of assorted colors and effects.

#120 tube. 3 for 1 sale!

#120 Single shot tube

Pre-loaded 2″ single shot tube in your choice of 4 different colors and effects.

Heavy Metal, wild factor, Overdrive

Unbelievable price for quality 500 gram cake. On sale, 3 for the price of 1! Mix and match to try all three!

3 for 1 Assorted 500 Gram cakes

Moonshine, Ladies Night, Money, Nerves of Steel, and more!! Visit our showroom to see all the different 500 gram cakes at the low 3 for 1 price of $99.99!!