Moe’s Top Ten List

    For 20 years Moe has been one of Xtreme Fireworks top pyrotechnic experts. Here are his favorite items this year. Moe’s Top Ten: 1. Airboss 2. Loose Canon 3. Hangin Out 4. Ferocious 5. Evolution 6. Battle Royale … Read More

Roman Candle Madness

Despite being one of the fundamental categories of fireworks roman candles are frequently overlooked when comes to a pyrotechnic show. As this video shows roman candles aren’t just for messing around!

Xtreme Fireworks Destruction

[fve][/fve] Xtreme fireworks forced to destroy thousands of dollars worth of fireworks After entering the country a batch of re-loadable canister shells failed the CPSC testing by being one hundredth of inch too large in diameter. We were forced to … Read More