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Commander in Chief

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6 reviews for Commander in Chief

  1. Molly W.

    This was recommended to us by a very helpful employee. It was very loud with nice color. Did exactly as he said it would. I will get this one again if they still have any when I come in this year.

  2. Jesse

    I think that would be a good Firework because My familly is going to be here

  3. tyrone.davis

    best fire work ever on my soul it was coolin cuz my cuzin said he will get one more of dem cuz omm

  4. Stephen

    Seems like every year I buy fireworks the guy at whatever stand I visit claims that whatever kit he sells is better than all the rest. I’ve bought Excalibur, smoke&mirrors,black mamba,rambo kid,medieval knights and on and on. I usually go back to Excalibur. It always seems to be loudest with the largest break. Not so anymore. I purchased commander in chief by firehawk. It is the best kit I have ever shot. Loud leaving the mortar high flying with a very loud exceptionally large colorful spread. Now it’s going to be commander in chief or nothing at all.

  5. Planter

    of July? Satisfy your pyrotechnic leanings at Extreme Fireworks Caledonia, Wisconsin in Racine county. Xtreme Fireworks is just a few miles south of Milwaukee county, next to I-94 just north of the Hwy K exit #329. It is just 15 minutes north of the Wisconsin-Illinois border.

  6. Lyndon Johnson

    I bought this today on a total impulse. Wow–these hit hard as hell. It honestly felt about as close to professional mortars as I’ve ever seen in a prepackaged kit. $300 is a lotta ching, but this is worth it. My friends husband from Arizona said it was “the most fun [he’s] almost ever had.”

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