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Hard And Heavy

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6 reviews for Hard And Heavy

  1. IceCreaMann

    Reusable tubes I collect them from year to year. The name says it all these come out hard and heavy and fill the sky better than other canisters. Each shot stands alone.

  2. Jordan234ever

    Fireworks / Wisconsin / Beer my 3 favorite things. Just plain the best shells. PERIOD.

    Jordan was from Illinois but Wisconsin has fireworks and Xtreme. Border run next week.
    Warm up the Lincoln.

  3. BigMac

    Alright I got a box of these Hard and Heavys. I hope they are as good as advertised I will give a review after the 4th.

  4. DMan

    Enjoyed these Hard and Heavys. In my opinion, the are one of the best shells. Nice and loud!

  5. usleer

    I have shot many different shells over the years. These are premium shells, about the best you can get.

  6. Michelle Knez

    Customer services is wonderful

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