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Family Assortment

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3 reviews for Family Assortment

  1. markz

    This was great for the girls they liked how there was a little bit of everything.

  2. Trisha

    Family is just what X-TREME says safe and all on grown a nice little assortment. For our little ones.

  3. Richard Davis

    I come back every year. Great products, and excellent customer service !

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Assortment Contains:


Witch Craft Fountain1 pc
Firehawk 9″ Fountain1 pc
Burst of Color Fountain1 pc
Cuckoo Fountain2 pcs
Killer Bee Fountain2 pcs
#3 Conic Fountain6 pcs
Camellia Flowers6 pcs
Jumping Jacks48 pcs
Ground Bloom Flowers6 pcs
Happiness3 pcs
Crackling Balls6 pcs
Morning Glory Sparklers12 pcs
#10 Colored Sparklers8 pcs
#10 Gold Sparklers8 pcs
Snakes12 pcs
Colored Military Smoke1 pc
Mammoth Smoke (120 Sec.)2 pc
Strobe Lights6 pcs
Snappers100 pcs
Party Poppers6 pcs
Old American Box Fountain2 pcs