Our merchandise is sold solely upon the representation that it will be used strictly in accordance with the law and regulations applicable at the point of destination. Xtreme Fireworks will not assume liability for any injury during the use, handling, storage, or sale of this merchandise. The purchaser hereby states, agrees, and promises, as a condition of this sale, that I have and will comply with the laws of the state of destination of said merchandise offered for sale in this store and online. The purchaser also agrees that he/she will have or will obtain any necessary permits required by law and will use this store’s merchandise in strict compliance with all applicable laws, whether federal, state, county, city, or municipality. The Racine Fireside Corporation will not be responsible for the loss of merchandise due to any legal violations once it leaves Xtreme Fireworks. I have read and understood that the Racine Fireside Corporation will not assume liability in any legal action for injury occurring during transportation, handling, storage, or use of said fireworks. I understand as a condition of this sale, fireworks are dangerous, and I assume all risks regarding them. I understand that I must be 18 years of age or older. The use or possession of fireworks in Wisconsin is regulated by state law and municipal ordinance. A permit may be required from your municipal government.