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6″ shells 24 pieces per box

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  1. MatteCrawdad

    These mortars are insane! Big, loud, and colorful. My new favorite artillery shells. Definitely worth the trip from Chicago.

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Biggest break available!!!  

Two Shells of each effects: 

1. Crimson Red to Crackling Chrysanthemum.
2. Red, Sky Blue to White Glittering.
3. Red Plum to Burst Brocade Crackling Chrysanthemum.
4. Crimson Red to Aqua Blue.
5. Purple to Brocade.
6. Crackling to Red Plum.
7. Purple, Aqua Blue to Lemon.
8. Red & Blue to Silver Wave & Green Glitter.
9. Color Changing Purple to Green.
10. Red Plum to Burst Gold Willow to Crackling.
11. White Strobe to Burst Red Coconut.
12. Crackling Chrysanthemum to Burst Purple Coconut.